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A course package for organizations, families and providers to train them how to make important and informed healthcare decisions, so they can be prepared for medical emergencies and loss

Course Training Package

Online Training Course, Big Promise

 At the center of Comfort Homesake online training's is the intention to create supportive environments that allow participants from diverse cultures to practice their beliefs, learn and share how to communicate and document health care wishes long before a medical crisis occurs.

 "We help families, organizations and healthcare providers by training on how to make important and informed healthcare decisions, so that everyone can be prepared for medical emergencies and loss."- 

Comfort Homesake, Universal Comfort 

The Universal Comfort training course is available for $1495.00. USD, monthly payment options available.  Designed to be completed in about 4 weeks the course is over 20 hours of material. Some groups may complete the course quicker, individuals may need more time.  There are four training modules to becoming a medical advocate. Each training follows the same methodology  of introducing a concept, having a activity and producing a result. A brief description of the training elements are below:

  1. Self Care Training Module - Learning the concepts and objectives that can be used to guide  anyone's decision making in a medical emergency, is a result of self care. 
  2. Soul Injury Training Module-  After caring for oneself, the next step is healing the soul for its role in the work of dealing with those close to life and death.
  3. Important Conversation Training Module-  Having the words, tools and terms are the essential tools to bridge the gap between families and medical professionals 
  4. Advance Directive Documentation Training Module-  To become a medical advocate the knowledge and confidence to document during emergencies.


We are working to transform our culture so we shift from not talking about dying to talking about it. It’s time to share the way we want to live and communicate the kind of care we want for ourselves.   We understand every experience is unique our training helps participants identify their own needs “- Founder and Managing Director, Marilyn Ababio.

The online course modules began September 1st, 2019. They are expanded courses from the training courses previously available only in-person. If you are with a organization, interested in a Comfort Homesake staff member training at your location. Please book appointment to schedule the in-person training.

Soul Injury Preview

Cultivate a willingness to connect with the strength of past experiences whether good or bad and motive people through conversation,  training and supports to become resilient and powerfully determined to see changes of mind, body and spirit to reduce suffering.